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Award Winning Chickens
Padilla's Peeps

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Padilla's Peeps is home to Award Winning Chickens! Nearly everything that Cody has in his breeding string has to prove themselves in the show pens first. Cody's flock of large fowl consist of prize winning Blue, Black, Splash Ameraucanas, Blue, Black, Splash, Mottled/Spangled Orpingtons, the very rare Cream Legbars and Narragansett Turkey. His bantam flocks consist of Blue Wheaten Rose Comb, Silver Seabright, D'Anver, Polich (normal, frizzle and naked neck).

Each generation has shown improvement over the last, not only in quality and size, but in type, structure and bone. The color of his birds, and even the color and size of eggs have continually improved.

Cody hatches eggs nearly every 2 weeks from November through May. He raises and sells potential show quality fertile eggs for hatching, day old chicks, pullets, cockrels, hens and roosters throughout the year. All of our birds are bred by families. Each breeding pen is composed of females all from one breeder or family and paired with either a completely non-related or distantly related male.

Thanks for your interest in our breeding show flock of large fowl Ameraucanas, Orpingtons and our bantam Blue Wheaten Rose Comb, Silver Seabright, Cream Legbars and D'Avers.

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